Patrick Graf

I am a dedicated product designer with a strong emphasis on creating seamless user experiences.



What I do #1

Efficient design, effective results: the pragmatic UX journey

The UX process isn't just a method; it's a guarantee of your digital product's success. Through a series of strategic phases, we harness insights and align your business goals with the authentic needs of your users. My unique, pragmatic UX approach allows us to collaboratively tailor the process to your specific situation. By focusing only on the relevant stages for your project, we expediently move from insights to tangible prototypes.

What I do #2

Beyond consistency: the power of tailored Design Systems

Supercharge your digital ecosystem with a tailored Design System – the definitive beacon ensuring both visual and functional harmony across platforms. But its value extends beyond consistency. A robust Design System not only streamlines design workflows but also cultivates seamless collaboration between designers and developers, provides intuitive documentation for UX best practices, and heightens user satisfaction. Dive deeper into its myriad benefits, and together, we'll strategize, assess, and bring them to life.

What I do #3

From word to experience: the power of Content-First design

In digital design, the goal is to present the right content to the right audience. Merging sound UX practices with detailed content analysis from the beginning, I emphasize crafting content that is clear, attractive, easy to understand, and memorable. Backed by AI insights, I work to optimize the effectiveness of your digital presence. After all, content is what resonates with users, and their experience consuming it should be seamless and effortless.

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Patrick Graf
Product designer and digital project manager
+41 76 388 48 98