Patrick Graf - Product designer, UX designer, project manager

I'm a product designer drilled to ask the right questions

That’s how I can identify your real needs and rapidly optimise your digital efficiency.

less is more, product design for your digital efficiency

What I do

I'll help you design effective digital products and make it easier for us to work together on their design.

less is more, a pragmatic UX design process to deliver efficient digital products

Less is more means applying a design process that goes straight to the essentials.

I'll help you bring visual and functional coherence to your digital ecosystem and accelerate your Design Ops.

less is more, tangible design systems to facilitate your design decisions

Less is more means creating tangible design systems that speed up the launch of new content.

I'll help you improve your online presence and boost your conversion rates through a unique methodology created by experienced professionals.

less is more, digital efficiency to match your business goals with the needs of your audiences

Less is more means offering the right content to the right audience at the right time.