Patrick Graf - Who I am

Patrick Graf, a pragmatic partner for your digital products
Patrick Graf, a pragmatic partner for your digital products

Product design is about theory (quite a lot) and real-life practice (a lot more).

I design your digital projects with a global vision that goes beyond product design, thanks to a number of experiences in related fields:

  • global communication,
  • corporate design,
  • UX research,
  • UI design,
  • content strategy and content governance,
  • technical feasibility.
I’m also a project manager who can help you achieve your objectives effectively. Methodologically and organised, I develop tailor-made project management platforms to guarantee you easy access to documentation and deliverables.
As I am 100% independent, I can commit to your projects quickly and for as long as needed.
I’ll be able to form a team of hyper-specialists to meet each of your challenges because I’m networked with content creators, development teams, visibility experts and marketing specialists.

I will always be able to surprise you with unexpected and innovative ideas because, like any self-respecting freelancer, I know how to manage my continuous training in various fields such as:

  • innovations in UX design methodology,
  • facilitation and co-design,
  • systemic design and design ops,
  • generative intelligence for content creation,
  • UI trends.